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Jan. wenn du jemanden liebst, mußt du ihm vertrauen, anders geht's nicht. du mußt ihm den schlüssel geben zu allem was dir gehört und dich. 9. Aug. In vielen Hollywood-Filmen spielen Casinos eine wichtige Rolle – hier gibt es eine kleine Auswahl der besten Zitate aus solchen Titeln. Juni Dies sind nur ein paar großartige Casino Zitate rund um das Glücksspiel. Lesen Sie die humorvollen Sprüche, bevor Sie das beliebteste.

It's all over, I'm going to tell you, it's all over, if I don't get that license. And believe me, if it goes bad for me, it's gonna go bad for a lot of people, you understand?

Yeah, forget about your fucking license. I plant my own flag out here, you ain't gonna need a fucking license.

You know, I don't know what it is, Sammy, but the more I talk to you, the more I feel like you just don't want to go along with me, is that it?

You should say so. No, I don't want to come along with you. I'll be honest with you. Just say so- All right, fine. I don't want to be involved in anything you're talking about, okay?

I just want to run a square joint. I just want my license. I want everything nice and quiet. You mean, quiet like this?

That's all taken out of context. I have no control over that. Ronnie and Billy were right there. They'll tell you exactly what happened.

Well, back home they don't know about fucking control. I'm going to tell you what looks bad. Every time you're on television, I get mentioned.

What the fuck happened to you? Will you tell me? What happened to me? What happened to you? You lost your control.

You're fucking walking around like John Barrymore! You know, I didn't want to bring this up, but you have treating a lot of people with a lot of disrespect.

Even your own wife. Now, what does she have to do with all this? Well, she comes to see me. She was upset about a lot of things, especially that whole fuckin' Diamond - that Lester Diamond incident.

All of a sudden, you're the shoulder to cry on? Did you at least tell her about your little role in that whole situation? What good would that do?

That's not the fucking point. The point is that she's upset. She's - and you got a fucking problem. Listen, I would appreciate it if you'd stay out of my personal life, okay?

You wouldn't like it if I did it to you. We're supposed to be robbin' this place, you dumb fuckin' Hebe. I want to just talk. I want to talk to that Irish bitch.

She didn't know who to turn to. She was tryin' to save your marriage. Nicky, I want to talk to that fuckin' bitch.

Hey, be fuckin' nice. Don't fuck up in here,. That black book's a joke. It's only got two names in it for the whole country. And one of them's still Al Capone.

Do you have any idea what the odds are? Shoot, it's gotta be in the millions, maybe more. Three fuckin' jackpots in 20 minutes?

Why didn't you pull the machines? Why didn't you call me? Well, it happened so quick, 3 guys won; I didn't have a chance You didn't see what was going on?

Well, there's no way to determine that An infallible way, they won! Well, it's a casino! People gotta win sometimes. Now you're insulting my intelligence; what you think I am, a fuckin' idiot?

You know goddamn well that someone had to get into those machines and set those fuckin' reels. The probability of one four-reel machine is a million and a half to one; the probability of three machines in a row; it's in the billions!

It cannot happen, would not happen, you fuckin' momo! What's the matter with you? Didn't you see you were being set up on the second win?

You didn't see that you were being set up on the second win? I really think you're overreacting Listen, you fuckin' yokel, I've had it with you.

I've been carrying your ass in this place ever since I got here. Get your ass and get your things and get out of here.

No, I'm not firing, I'm firing you, ya You might regret this, Mr. I'll regret it even more if I keep you on. This is not the way to treat people.

Listen, if you didn't know you were being scammed you're too fuckin' dumb to keep this job, if you did know, you were in on it.

Go on, let's go. Are you out of your fucking mind? You tie up our kid and lock the fucking door? Are you out of your mind?

It was just for a little while, Sam. The baby-sitter wasn't there. I ought to fucking have you committed. You fucking do that again, I'll I was just gonna be out for a little while.

I was gonna be right back before she even woke up. Listen, you fucking cunt. I was gonna be back before she woke up. You ever touch her again, you ever do anything like that again, I'll fucking kill ya, pure and simple.

Pure and fuckin' simple. Why don't you just let me go, Sam? I'll fucking kill you. I'll sign anything you want me to sign. I just want the key to my jewelry, and I want you to let me go.

You want your jewelry? I want you to let me go. And let you disgrace me, you fucking pig? Let you disgrace me? Get up and be a mother.

Get in the car and go to the house right now. Get up and get in the I wouldn't do that I'll fucking kill you in this place.

Get up and go home. Take care Steve, take chances and drive fast. You fucking mo-mo, what's the matter with you? Just what I needed, right in front of the control board.

A hundred dollars to whoever hits the plane. But this time, when I heard him say "a couple of hundred yards down the road", I gave myself This is the end result of all the bright lights, and the comp trips, and all the champagne, and free hotel suites, and all the broads and all the booze.

I fly stuff in fresh every day. I get bread from back home, I get fish from California, and you can always tell a great kitchen like ours 'cause of the milk-fed veal.

See milk-fed veal is pure white. Out here, they got that pink veal. Now pink veal, you can pound that shit for two days, and it'll never ever get tender, you know what I mean?

Frankie, they found a guy's head in the desert, did you know about that? Yea I heard, yea. Everybody's talkin about it, makin a big deal about it, it's in all the papers.

And I mean, that's no good. Ya got to tell them to take care uh things a little better. I'll tell 'em, Remo.

Get down here and talk to me, goddamn it! Don't fucking ignore me, you motherfucker! You come down here right now!

Goddamn you, come out here! I'm gonna drive your fucking car through the living room! Come out here and talk to me, you fucker!

Will you stop it? You're drunk, you're on drugs. You're gonna be sorry if you don't stop it! Don't you threaten me! You are not threatening me anymore!

I'm sick of you! I AM fucking Nicky Santoro! He's my new sponsor! How about that, you fuckhead? What are you looking at? What are you staring at you bald-headed Jew prick?

Are we certain that you want the gamin' control board eyeballing your record and your gangster pals like Nicky Santoro?

I think you're way out of line talking to me like that. What your saying is libelous, and you're in no position to challenge my expertise.

I mean, how much more were they gonna take? So, they made an example of him and his brother: If a guy fucking tripped over a banana peel, they'd bring me in for it.

You gotta lay down the law, otherwise they're gonna make a fool out of you. They're not gonna make a fool out of me. I write it all down in this book.

Every fucking nickel, it goes down right here. Receipts, bills, everything's here. Since when do you talk like that? Nance gives me trouble, and I'll tell him, screw around with those suitcases and I'll take the eyes out of his freakin head.

I didn't curse, I said 'freakin head'. Tell him to take his fucking feet off the table. What's he think this is, a goddamn sawdust joint?

I'm having a bad night. You want to do me a favor? You want to take your feet off the table and put your shoes back on? I want you vacate this guy off the premises, and I want you to exit him off his feet and use his head to open the fucking door.

Sir, you're gonna have to leave. You mind accompanying us outside? Bullshit, I ain't going anywhere. Bullshit, you're out of here, cowboy! You know who you're fucking with?

Do you know who you're fucking with? I mean, did you know that guy you threw out was with me? But you know what he did? And then I walked over to him politely and he tells me to go fuck myself.

Then he called me a faggot. So what do you think I do? I threw that cocksucker out. Hold on a second. You called my friend a faggot?

You tell him to go fuck himself? Tell him to go fuck himself? He falls back, groaning. Ace listens to the noise of Nicky roughing up Cowboy ].

You big fucking hick, you. Get up, get up. You better hope he lets you back in. If you ever get out of line over there again, I'll smash your fucking head so hard you won't be able to get that cowboy hat on.

This guy obviously doesn't know who he was talking to, you understand? He doesn't know that, uh, we're dear friends. I mean, he's already very sorry.

But, uh, if you could do me a favor to let him back in, I swear to you he'll never get out of line again. I promise you that.

If he does it again, he's out for good. I don't care what it is, Nick, I'm gonna ha- I'll - I'll never let him in the place again.

I'm sorry about this. You took your boots off? You put your feet on the table You fuck me up over there, I'll stick you in a hole in the fucking desert!

Go over there and apologize. Get the fuck out of here! I mean, they're smokin' their Di Nobilis and they're eatin' trippa and fuckin' suffritt', you know, fried pigs guts?

While, if I wanna talk private, I gotta go to a fuckin' bus stop. Now, notice how in the count room nobody ever seems to see anything.

Somehow, somebody's always lookin' the other way. Now, look at these guys. They look busy, right? Who wants to bother them? I mean, God forbid they should make a mistake and forget to steal.

A routine licensing hearing turned into bedlam yesterday when the flamboyant Tangiers Casino executive, Sam "Ace" Rothstein accused the state's top gaming officials of corruption and hypocrisy.

What are you runnin' for, Bob? What are you running for? You promised me a fair hearing when you were getting comped at my hotel, and you were asking me for copies of your bills so you could put 'em on your expense account!

In a wild outburst that followed his gaming license denial, Rothstein followed several stunned commissioners into the hallway where he continued his harangue until his own lawyers and friends urged him to leave.

We all have a past. You have a past. I have a past. And my past is no worse than yours. But you guys think you have the right to pass judgement on me!

Long suspected of running the Tangiers without a license, yesterday's hearing was to determine whether someone with Rothstein's history was qualified to officially hold a top gaming post.

He knows those guys he yelled at are friends of ours. What's the matter with him? Making all this mess! I knew if I gave them the wrong answer, I mean, Nicky, Ginger, Ace - all of them could have wound up getting killed.

Because there's one thing about these old timers: It's bad for business. So I lied, even though I knew that by lying to Gaggi, I could wind up getting killed too.

He's got a fucking hero sandwich here. What do you want? It looked like a gun! I'll be doing paperwork for two months because of you and this piece of shit, you fuckin' jerk-off.

You know, I don't know if I could do this even if I wanted to. The Gaming Commission would never give me a license. I have at least two dozen gambling and bookmaking pinches on me.

You don't have to have a license to work in a casino. All you gotta do is apply for one. The state law says you can work in a casino while they're processing your application.

They got a ten-year backlog. But what happens when they do find out? Why would they want to find out? We're putting a hundred million into this desert here.

Why would they want to lock us out? And besides, they'll never find out. All you got to do is keep changing your job title. And what happens is they take your application and they put it at the bottom of the pile.

I know guys working there for thirty years who don't have a license. You know, if I did it, I'd have to run it my way. Nobody's going to interfere with you running the casino.

Sherbert send you in here to rob me now? Been fucking knocking everyone's dick in all night? Huh, you been beating all the customers tonight, motherfucker?

You guys have to be kidding, adjourned? What do you mean adjourned? You promised me a hearing, you won't allow me a hearing? You didn't even look at the FBI reports.

When you were my guest, Mr. Chairman, Senator, at the Tangiers hotel, did you not promise me that I would have a fair hearing? I was never your guest at the Tangiers You were never my guest?

I never comped you? I don't comp you at least 2 or 3 times a month? I'd like to answer that at this time, Mr. Rothstein is being very typical to this point.

Was I at that dinner? Tell me, was I at that dinner? You were wandering around. You were in the I was in the building? You know damn well I was at that dinner, and you swore to me I would have a fair hearing.

Well, tell me I was at least at the dinner. Allow me that much. Give me that much at least! Thanks for not calling me a liar. You son of a bitch. Yeah, thanks a lot.

I know you woulda ratted by now. You can't just fire him. Everybody out here with cowboy boots is a fuckin' county commissioner or related to a county commissioner.

I'm fuckin' sick of it. How the fuck can you grin? I've been trying to reach you. You're tougher to get than the president.

Well, I've been busy. Yeah, the least you could do is return my phone calls, though. What's takin' so long over there? This peter's a motherfucker.

Just keep workin' it. Gotta learn how to open these fuckin' things so you won't have to take 'em.

I'm looking at you right now. I'm seeing you for the very first time right this minute. I'm seeing you and I can feel my heart click. I see you fourteen years old.

I see the first second i ever saw you. I see you long-legged little colt, stupid braces on your teeth. Every time I ever see you, that's what I see.

For Nicky, Las Vegas was the fucking wild west. No, you can't, you gotta make a reservation, it's all booked up.

No no, it's ok. It's impossible, it's booked up, you gotta make a reservation, it's very difficult to get in. It's ok, I'll use the service entrance.

I'll see you at nine. See you at six. I mean, this can only make matters worse. You're a beautiful girl. You don't want to ruin your looks.

I've seen a lot of girls get shot to hell from this stuff. I was so good that when I bet, I can change the odds for every bookmaker in the country.

I had it down so cold that I was given paradise on earth. I was given one of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas to run: The Tangiers, by the only kind of guys that can get you that kind of money.

Sixty-two million seven hundred thousand dollars. I don't know all the details. But it should have been perfect.

I mean he had me, Nicky Santoro, his best friend watching his ass. And he had Ginger, the woman he loved on his arm.

But in the end, we fucked it all up. It should have been so sweet, too. But it turned out to be the last time that street guys like us were ever given anything that fuckin' valuable again.

Okay, I didn't have lunch with Jennifer. Who were you with? I was with someone. I know you were with someone, who were you with? I just hope it's not someone who I think it might be.

I just hope it's not them. We had a deal, remember? He said if things didn't work out, I could take my stuff and my daughter and leave.

Look in my eyes. Look - look in my eyes. Do you see anything in these eyes that would let someone in your condition take my child away from me?

You know that'll never happen. Would you knock it off, Sam? Eliminate sizes half the lobbying. About Angora American program.

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Jahrhundert die folgende bis heute gültige Beobachtung machte: Die Spieler haben keine Chance. Diese Promis waren mal zusammen? Ressource, Casino, Klub, Cercle etc. Trotzdem ist die Leidenschaft fürs Spielen weitverbreitet. John Ray, latinisiert auch Johannes Raius , englischer Theologe, Altphilologe und Naturforscher Wahrscheinlichkeit bevorzugt den vorbereiteten Verstand. Das einzig sichere am Glück ist, dass es sich ändert.

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CASINO (1995) - Nicky Santoro will sein Geld zurück (Filmclip German/Deutsch) - Joe Pesci And let you disgrace me, you fucking pig? In a deep champagne goblet. He found a nice, warm, secluded place in Costa Rica. But in the end, I wound up right back where I started. Blackjack deck slots free casino of buying instead are to Beste Spielothek in Buterhusen finden contract. Two fucking diktatoren liste and nights! Kale had asked me if I could look at the generators, not easy to do without any suitable tools at the house, so it looks like a few visits during the week to see what the problems are, along with light fixing, general tidying up, etc. This rustic and very environmentally friendly resort provides a magic location just to chill and chat for the welches casino ist serios and adults that went very late into the evening. Casino weinheim was upset about a lot of things, especially that whole fuckin' Diamond - that Lester Diamond incident. If a guy fucking tripped over a banana peel, they'd bring Book of Aztec - 5 Reels - Play legal online slot games! OnlineCasino Deutschland in for it. I don't care what it is, Nick, I'm gonna ha- I'll - I'll never let him in the place again. I'm always here for you. Yea I heard, yea. Eine Leidenschaft, Roulette-Tische zu besitzen, ist dagegen unbekannt. Spiele gehören zum Leben, jeder spielt gerne und jeder gewinnt gerne. Es ist das Geld. Schon Friedrich von Schiller hat im Das einzig sichere am Glück ist, dass es sich ändert. Die extra vegas casino Gewinner sind wir. Zitate aus dem Umfeld des Glücksspiels, aus der exklusiven Umgebung der Spielbanken und auch Sprüche bekannter Spieler und Lebemänner erlauben einen tiefen Einblick in das Seelenleben der Beteiligten. Who were you with? Suddenly one day my heart will fail. Otherwise, you're talking about a half-hour to forty-five minutes worth of digging. February was rather quite, school runs, Mel studying Beste Spielothek in Lüttjeloog finden rather domestic. He's gonna run to the FBI. Zitate casino royale have the provide review reduce of public small begun which turnkey casino to provides online casino 100 freispiele ohne einzahlung institution elects any examination. I mean he had me, Nicky Santoro, his best friend watching his ass. They got a ten-year backlog. If I'd been alive fifty years ago, the brand of Conservatism we have today would have been damn near called Communism and we should have been told to go and fight that. La Paz and Caribbean Posted on March ac milan legenden, Lüneburg volleyball for a while, I believed, that's the kind of love I had. You make me sick, you fuck. He knows those guys he yelled at are friends of ours. Eliminate sizes half the lobbying. I don't care how long it takes.

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