Bollywood story

bollywood story

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Mil Gaya , Munna Bhai M. These films were often not the subject of critical acclaim, but were nonetheless major commercial successes.

On the other hand, Aamir Khan has been credited for redefining and modernizing the masala film which originated from his uncle Nasir Hussain's Yaadon Ki Baarat , which he first appeared in with his own distinct brand of socially conscious cinema in the early 21st century.

Kareena Kapoor and Bipasha Basu are among the few working actresses from the s who successfully completed 15 years in the industry. Moti Gokulsing and Wimal Dissanayake identify six major influences that have shaped the conventions of Indian popular cinema: In the early 20th century, Urdu was the lingua franca of popular cultural performances across northern India, established in popular performance art traditions such as nautch dancing, Urdu poetry , and Parsi theater.

Urdu and related Hindi dialects were the most widely understood across northern India, thus Hindi-Urdu became the standardized language of early Indian talkies.

The One Thousand and One Nights Arabian Nights also had a strong influence, on Parsi theater which performed " Persianate adventure-romances" that were adapted into films, and on early Bombay cinema where " Arabian Nights cinema" was a popular genre.

The scholars Chaudhuri Diptakirti and Rachel Dwyer , and the screenwriter Javed Akhtar , identify Urdu literature as a major influence on Hindi cinema.

Todd Stadtman identifies several foreign influences on commercial Bollywood masala films in the s, including New Hollywood , Italian exploitation films , and Hong Kong martial arts cinema.

Perhaps the biggest influence of Bollywood has been on nationalism in India itself, where along with rest of Indian cinema, it has become part and parcel of the 'Indian story'.

Cinema actually has been the most vibrant medium for telling India its own story, the story of its struggle for independence, its constant struggle to achieve national integration and to emerge as a global presence.

Bollywood has influenced Indian society and culture for a long time. For many decades, Bollywood has influenced daily life and culture in India, where it has been the biggest entertainment industry.

Many of the musical, dancing, wedding and fashion trends in India, for example, have been influenced by Bollywood.

Bollywood has also had a socio-political impact on Indian society, reflecting Indian politics over the decades.

Overseas, Bollywood has been a prominent form of soft power for India, increasing India's influence overseas, as well as changing overseas perceptions of India.

Bollywood has also influenced Hollywood and other film industries. Baz Luhrmann stated that his musical film Moulin Rouge! The critical and financial success of Moulin Rouge!

Danny Boyle 's Slumdog Millionaire , which won four Golden Globes and eight Academy Awards , was directly inspired by Bollywood films, [70] [] and is considered to be a "homage to Hindi commercial cinema", [] inspired by Mumbai underworld crime films such as Deewaar , Satya , Company and Black Friday The influence of filmi Bollywood music can also be seen in popular music elsewhere in the world.

In , technopop pioneers Haruomi Hosono and Ryuichi Sakamoto of the Yellow Magic Orchestra produced an electronic album Cochin Moon based on an experimental fusion between electronic music and Bollywood-inspired Indian music.

In , the Kronos Quartet re-recorded several R. Filmi music composed by A. Rahman who would later win two Academy Awards for the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack has frequently been sampled by musicians elsewhere in the world, including the Singaporean artist Kelly Poon , the Uzbek artist Iroda Dilroz, the French rap group La Caution , the American artist Ciara , and the German band Löwenherz , [] among others.

Many Asian Underground artists, particularly those among the overseas Indian diaspora , have also been inspired by Bollywood music. Bollywood films are mostly musicals and are expected to contain catchy music in the form of song-and-dance numbers woven into the script.

A film's success often depends on the quality of such musical numbers. Indian audiences expect full value for their money, with a good entertainer generally referred to as paisa vasool , literally, "money's worth".

They are called Masala films , after the Hindi word for a spice mixture. Like masalas , these movies are a mixture of many things such as action, comedy, romance and so on.

Most films have heroes who are able to fight off villains all by themselves. Bollywood plots have tended to be melodramatic.

They frequently employ formulaic ingredients such as star-crossed lovers and angry parents, love triangles, family ties, sacrifice, corrupt politicians, kidnappers, conniving villains, courtesans with hearts of gold , long-lost relatives and siblings separated by fate, dramatic reversals of fortune, and convenient coincidences.

There have always been Indian films with more artistic aims and more sophisticated stories, both inside and outside the Bollywood tradition see Parallel Cinema.

They often lost out at the box office to movies with more mass appeal. Bollywood conventions are changing, however. A large Indian diaspora in English-speaking countries, and increased Western influence at home, have nudged Bollywood films closer to Hollywood models.

Film critic Lata Khubchandani writes, "our earliest films Strangely, it was after Independence the censor board came into being and so did all the strictures.

Though these changes can widely be seen in contemporary Bollywood, traditional conservative ways of Indian culture continue to exist in India outside the industry and an element of resistance by some to western-based influences.

Bollywood employs people from all parts of India. It attracts thousands of aspiring actors and actresses, all hoping for a break in the industry.

Models and beauty contestants, television actors, theatre actors and even common people come to Mumbai with the hope and dream of becoming a star. Since many Bollywood films are shot abroad, many foreign extras are employed too.

Very few non-Indian actors are able to make a mark in Bollywood, though many have tried from time to time. There have been some exceptions, of which one recent example is the hit film Rang De Basanti , where the lead actress is Alice Patten , an Englishwoman.

Kisna , Lagaan , and The Rising: Ballad of Mangal Pandey also featured foreign actors. Bollywood can be very clannish, and the relatives of film-industry insiders have an edge in getting coveted roles in films or being part of a film's crew.

However, industry connections are no guarantee of a long career: For film clans, see List of Hindi film clans. The film script or lines of dialogue called "dialogues" in Indian English and the song lyrics are often written by different people.

Dialogues are usually written in an unadorned Hindi-Urdu , collectively known as Hindustani , that would be understood by the largest possible audience.

Salim-Javed, for example, wrote in Urdu script , with the Urdu dialogues then transcribed by an assistant into Devanagari script so that Hindi readers could read the Urdu dialogues.

Some movies have used regional dialects to evoke a village setting, or old-fashioned, courtly, formal Urdu in medieval era historical films.

Jyotika Virdi, in her book The cinematic imagiNation [ sic ], wrote about the presence of Urdu in Hindi films: It is true that many Urdu words have survived and have become part of Hindi cinema's popular vocabulary.

But that is as far as it goes. Contemporary mainstream movies also make great use of English Indian English. According to Bollywood Audiences Editorial , "English has begun to challenge the ideological work done by Urdu.

The blend of Hindi, Urdu and English occasionally seen in modern Bollywood films is often referred to as Hinglish , which has become increasingly prevalent in modern Bollywood films.

Cinematic language, whether in dialogues or lyrics, is often melodramatic and invokes God, family, mother, duty, and self-sacrifice liberally.

Song lyrics are often about love. Bollywood song lyrics, especially in the old movies, frequently use the poetic vocabulary of court Urdu, with many Persian loanwords.

Music directors often prefer working with certain lyricists, to the point that the lyricist and composer are seen as a team.

This phenomenon is compared to the pairings of American composers and songwriters that created old-time Broadway musicals.

Sound in Bollywood films was once rarely recorded on location otherwise known as sync sound. Therefore, the sound was usually created or re-created entirely in the studio, [] with the actors reciting their lines as their images appear on-screen in the studio in the process known as "looping in the sound" or ADR —with the foley and sound effects added later.

This created several problems, since the sound in these films usually occurs a frame or two earlier or later than the mouth movements or gestures.

Commercial Indian films, not just the Hindi-language variety, are known for their lack of ambient sound, so there is a silence underlying everything instead of the background sound and noises usually employed in films to create aurally perceivable depth and environment.

The ubiquity of ADR in Bollywood cinema became prevalent in the early s with the arrival of the Arriflex 3 camera, which required a blimp cover to shield the sound of the camera, for which it was notorious, from on-location filming.

Commercial Indian filmmakers, known for their speed, never bothered to blimp the camera, and its excessive noise required that everything had to be re-created in the studio.

Eventually, this became the standard for Indian films. The trend was bucked in , after a year hiatus of synchronised sound, with the film Lagaan , in which the sound was done on the location.

Bollywood film music is called filmi music from Hindi, meaning "of films". Songs from Bollywood movies are generally pre-recorded by professional playback singers, with the actors then lip synching the words to the song on-screen, often while dancing.

While most actors, especially today, are excellent dancers, few are also singers. One notable exception was Kishore Kumar , who starred in several major films in the s while also having a stellar career as a playback singer.

Saigal , Suraiyya, and Noor Jehan were also known as both singers and actors. Some actors in the last thirty years have sung one or more songs themselves; for a list, see Singing actors and actresses in Indian cinema.

Songs are what make and break the movie; they determine if it is going to be a flop or a hit: Also, with the inspiration of global trends, such as Salsa, Pop and Hip Hop, there has been a modification of the type of music heard in Bollywood films.

Playback singers are prominently featured in the opening credits and have their own fans who will go to an otherwise lackluster movie just to hear their favourites.

Kishore Kumar and Mohammed Rafi are often considered arguably the finest of the singers that have lent their voice to Bollywood songs, followed by Lata Mangeshkar, who, through the course of a career spanning over six decades, has recorded thousands of songs for Indian movies.

The composers of film music, known as music directors, are also well-known. Their songs can make or break a film and usually do. Remixing of film songs with modern beats and rhythms is a common occurrence today, and producers may even release remixed versions of some of their films' songs along with the films' regular soundtrack albums.

The dancing in Bollywood films, especially older ones, is primarily modelled on Indian dance: In modern films, Indian dance elements often blend with Western dance styles as seen on MTV or in Broadway musicals , though it is usual to see Western pop and pure classical dance numbers side by side in the same film.

The hero or heroine will often perform with a troupe of supporting dancers. Many song-and-dance routines in Indian films feature unrealistically instantaneous shifts of location or changes of costume between verses of a song.

If the hero and heroine dance and sing a duet, it is often staged in beautiful natural surroundings or architecturally grand settings.

This staging is referred to as a "picturisation". Songs typically comment on the action taking place in the movie, in several ways.

Sometimes, a song is worked into the plot, so that a character has a reason to sing. Other times, a song is an externalisation of a character's thoughts, or presages an event that has not occurred yet in the plot of the movie.

In this case, the event is often two characters falling in love. The songs are also often referred to as a "dream sequence", and anything can happen that would not normally happen in the real world.

Previously song and dance scenes often used to be shot in Kashmir , but due to political unrest in Kashmir since the end of the s, [] those scenes have since then often been shot in Western Europe, particularly in Switzerland and Austria.

For the last few decades Bollywood producers have been releasing the film's soundtrack, as tapes or CDs, before the main movie release, hoping that the music will pull audiences into the cinema later.

Often the soundtrack is more popular than the movie. In the last few years some producers have also been releasing music videos, usually featuring a song from the film.

However, some promotional videos feature a song which is not included in the movie. Bollywood films are multi-million dollar productions, with the most expensive productions costing up to 1 billion rupees roughly USD 20 million.

The latest Science fiction movie Ra. One was made at an immense budget of 1. As Western films and television gain wider distribution in India itself, there is an increasing pressure for Bollywood films to attain the same production levels, particularly in areas such as action and special effects.

Recent Bollywood films have employed international technicians to improve in these areas, such as Krrish which has action choreographed by Hong Kong based Tony Ching.

The increasing accessibility to professional action and special effects, coupled with rising film budgets, has seen an explosion in the action and sci-fi genres.

Sequences shot overseas have proved a real box office draw, so Mumbai film crews are increasingly filming in Australia, Canada, New Zealand , the United Kingdom, the United States, continental Europe and elsewhere.

Nowadays, Indian producers are winning more and more funding for big-budget films shot within India as well, such as Lagaan , Devdas and other recent films.

Funding for Bollywood films often comes from private distributors and a few large studios. Indian banks and financial institutions were forbidden from lending money to movie studios.

However, this ban has now been lifted. The Mumbai underworld has been known to be involved in the production of several films, and are notorious for patronising several prominent film personalities.

On occasion, they have been known to use money and muscle power to get their way in cinematic deals. In , the Central Bureau of Investigation seized all prints of the movie Chori Chori Chupke Chupke after the movie was found to be funded by members of the Mumbai underworld.

Another problem facing Bollywood is widespread copyright infringement of its films. Often, bootleg DVD copies of movies are available before the prints are officially released in cinemas.

Besides catering to the homegrown market, demand for these copies is large amongst some sections of the Indian diaspora , too.

In fact, bootleg copies are the only way people in Pakistan can watch Bollywood movies, since the Government of Pakistan has banned their sale, distribution and telecast.

Films are frequently broadcast without compensation by countless small cable TV companies in India and other parts of South Asia.

Small convenience stores run by members of the Indian diaspora in the US and the UK regularly stock tapes and DVDs of dubious provenance, while consumer copying adds to the problem.

The availability of illegal copies of movies on the Internet also contributes to the industry's losses. Satellite TV, television and imported foreign films are making huge inroads into the domestic Indian entertainment market.

In the past, most Bollywood films could make money; now fewer tend to do so. However, most Bollywood producers make money, recouping their investments from many sources of revenue, including selling ancillary rights.

There are also increasing returns from theatres in Western countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, where Bollywood is slowly getting noticed.

As more Indians migrate to these countries, they form a growing market for upscale Indian films. For a comparison of Hollywood and Bollywood financial figures, see chart.

It shows tickets sold in and total revenue estimates. Many Indian artists used to make a living by hand-painting movie billboards and posters The well-known artist M.

Hussain used to paint film posters early in his career. This was because human labour was found to be cheaper than printing and distributing publicity material.

The old hand-painted posters, once regarded as ephemera, are becoming increasingly collectible as folk art. Releasing the film music, or music videos, before the actual release of the film can also be considered a form of advertising.

A popular tune is believed to help pull audiences into the theatres. Bollywood publicists have begun to use the Internet as a venue for advertising.

Most of the better-funded film releases now have their own websites, where browsers can view trailers, stills, and information about the story, cast, and crew.

Bollywood is also used to advertise other products. Product placement , as used in Hollywood, is widely practised in Bollywood. Bollywood movie stars appear in print and television advertisements for other products, such as watches or soap see Celebrity endorsement.

Advertisers say that a star endorsement boosts sales. With the increasing prominence of international setting such as Switzerland, London, Paris, New York, Brazil, Singapore and so on, it does not entail that the people and cultures residing in these exotic settings are represented.

Contrary to these spaces and geographies being filmed as they are, they are actually Indianized by adding Bollywood actors and Hindi speaking extras to them.

While immersing in Bollywood films, viewers get to see their local experiences duplicated in different locations around the world.

Rao states that "Media representation can depict India's shifting relation with the world economy, but must retain its 'Indianness' in moments of dynamic hybridity", [] where "Indianness" refers to the cultural identity and political affiliation.

With Bollywood's popularity among diasporic audiences, "Indianness" poses a problem, but at the same time, it gives back to its homeland audience, a sense of uniqueness from other immigrant groups.

The Filmfare Awards ceremony is one of the most prominent film events given for Hindi films in India. The ceremony was referred to as the Clare Awards after the magazine's editor.

Modelled after the poll-based merit format of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences , individuals may submit their votes in separate categories.

A dual voting system was developed in The National Film Awards were introduced in These awards are handed out at an annual ceremony presided over by the President of India.

Under this system, in contrast to the National Film Awards, which are decided by a panel appointed by Indian Government, the Filmfare Awards are voted for by both the public and a committee of experts.

Most of these award ceremonies are lavishly staged spectacles, featuring singing, dancing, and numerous celebrities.

Besides being popular among the South Asian diaspora , in far off locations, from Nigeria and Senegal to Egypt and Russia , generations of non-Indian fans have grown up with Bollywood over the decades, bearing witness to the cross-cultural appeal of Indian films.

Over the last years of the 20th century and beyond, Bollywood progressed in its popularity as it entered the consciousness of Western audiences and producers, [96] [] with Western actors now actively seeking roles in Bollywood movies.

Bollywood films are widely watched in other South Asian countries, including Pakistan , Bangladesh , and Nepal.

In these countries, Hindi-Urdu is widely understood. Many Pakistanis watch Bollywood films, as they understand Hindi due to its linguistic similarity to Urdu.

However, trade in unlicensed DVDs [] and illegal cable broadcasts ensured the continued popularity of Bollywood releases in Pakistan.

Exceptions were made for a few films, such as the colorized re-release of the classic Mughal-e-Azam or the film Taj Mahal. Early in , the Pakistani government eased the ban and allowed the import of even more movies; 16 were screened in The new policy is opposed by nationalists and representatives of Pakistan's small film industry but is embraced by cinema owners, who are making profits after years of low receipts.

The most popular female actress there was Madhuri Dixit ; [] at India-Pakistan cricket matches in the s, many Pakistani fans frequently chanted the slogan, " Madhuri dedo, Kashmir lelo!

Bollywood films are very popular in Nepal, to the extent that Bollywood films earn more than Nepali films there. Actors such as Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan are most popular in Nepal, with their films having audiences fully pack cinema halls across the country.

Bollywood films also very popular in Afghanistan , due to the country's proximity to the Indian subcontinent and cultural similarities present in the films.

For example, India seems to share a similar style of music and musical instruments with Afghanistan. Bollywood is also fairly popular in Thailand.

In Indonesia, due to Indian cultural ties , Bollywood films have been popular in the country, where they were first introduced at the end of World War II in The "angry young man" films of Amitabh Bachchan and Salim-Javed were popular in the s and s, before Bollywood's popularity gradually began declining in the s and s.

Bollywood experienced a revival in Indonesia with the release of Shah Rukh Khan's Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in , becoming a bigger box-office success there than Titanic In Japan, several Hindi films have a cult following there, such as the films directed by Guru Dutt.

Some Hindi movies had success in China back in the s and s, and are still popular among older generations of Chinese in the present.

Some of the popular Hindi films in the region included Dr. In China, the few Indian films to gain commercial success there during the s—s included Awaara , Tahir Hussain 's Caravan , Noorie , and Disco Dancer Rahman to score the soundtrack for his film Warriors of Heaven and Earth When 3 Idiots released in China, the country was only the 15th largest film market, partly due to China's widespread pirate DVD distribution at the time.

However, it was the pirate market that introduced 3 Idiots to most Chinese audiences, becoming a cult hit in the country. It became China's 12th favourite film of all time, according to ratings on Chinese film review site Douban , with only one domestic Chinese film Farewell My Concubine ranked higher.

Aamir Khan gained a large growing Chinese fanbase as a result. However, it ranks second to Hollywood in countries such as Fiji , with its large Indian minority, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Australia is one of the countries where there is a large South Asian diaspora. De symbolen kunnen bijna net zo goed rechtstreeks uit een Disney film komen met een India-thema.

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Many of the movies embrace typical Indian cultures, old-fashioned values, and represent how a new generation of Indians are looking to change those values.

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Bollywood story -

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